Cornerstone Machine Works is proud to introduce the Scorpion DX series into the arena of Bobcat compatible attatchments and tools. The Scorpion DX is the only trenching hoe of its kind available on the market today.

It's affordable.
Starting at C$4492.00, the Scorpion DX is a very cost effective tool - a must for all professionals in the field.
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Its light weight makes it extremely easy to transport in the back of a pickup truck or cargo van.

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Scorpion DX4-7

Scorpion DX4-10

Scorpion DX6-10

Scorpion DX6-14

Scorpion DX8-14

Visit our showroom to see the Scorpion DX in action. An online owners manual is available here to view the structure of the Scorpion DX in closer detail.

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The Scorpion DX was built for hard jobs in tight places where normal backhoes cannot reach. On all Scorpion DX models, the backplate is designed with a slider so the hoe can be shifted either to the right or left enabling you to trench up against walls and foundations.
general specs
Manufacturer:Cornerstone Machine Works
Price:C$4492.00 (starting)
Shaft lengths:4ft, 6ft, 8ft (122cm, 182cm, 243cm)
Bucket widths:7in, 10in, 14in (18cm, 26cm, 36cm)
Average weight:471lb (214kg)
Shaft steel:44W
Bucket steel:44W with AR400F for the teeth and leading edges and 4140 heat treated for the pivot rods.
Hydraulic Cylinder:3in X 20in

The Scorpion DX is operated from the drivers seat - meaning that you do not have to climb out on the hoe seat every time you want to operate it.

Connection and disconnection from the Bobcat is a simple, speedy process which saves you time and energy.
recommended Scorpion DX models for Bobcat sizes

Coming Soon!

We are in the process of testing various different Bobcats with each Scorpion DX model. Here we will provide a reference of what Scorpion DX is recommended for your Bobcat size.